Photoscape is a graphic editor from the Korean company MOOII. The program easily edits digital photos, has a clear interface. Use the link on this page to download the official version of Photoscape for free.

The program is suitable for Windows, Linux, Mac OS operating systems.

Photoscape program will take your photography to a new level, thanks to its wide possibilities and affordability, as the program is free. Processing photos with this editor will be a pleasant and easy task for anyone, even a novice user.

The functions of the program

  • color changes, size changes;
  • effects, blending;
  • the ability to process multiple photos simultaneously;
  • collage creation;
  • Gif animation;
  • monitor capture;
  • RAW to JPEG conversion.

How to download Photoscape

Download the download file on this page. Install Photoscape. Start your training.


Any user, even if he is not familiar with big graphics editors, can edit his and other digital images with the program Photoscape. The application will help change the color, size of the image, add effects and filters.